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    This glass vase contains a ficus microcarpa, an asparagus plumosus and mosses (non-contractual photos). The plants are potted with a bottom layer of pozzolana, which is a porous volcanic rock, which serves as a drainage layer. With a top layer of potting soil. And with decorative layers, which we carefully created to break the monotony of the floor.

    Machined lid to the dimensions of the vase. Ensures that moisture is maintained. However, a ring allows for more or less ventilation to limit condensation . A power outlet is attached to this cover and allows you to screw on the display and LED bulb (supplied). As it is LED technology, there is no risk of overheating of the plants.  The lid, its ventilation ring, the lamp holder, the LED bulb and the shade are foldable and simply tilting to facilitate the maintenance of the lamps.

    We deliver in perfect condition, and not in kit! Not only do we machine the right lid for the glass tumbler, but also wedges designed specifically for transport. All you have to do is remove them and place the foams as you wish.


    SIZE: 40 cm (depth) x 52 cm (height)

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